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How to implement the NFC module into M5Stack FACES box?

As you know, I focus on various products for model railways. I often solve interesting tasks in my development and I like to share some here. Another such challenge was how to get NFC into the M5STACK FACES box. More about it, you can read in this article.

Why did I actually stared solve such a problem when M5Stack FACES also has NFC modules? I even have one such module at home – I won it directly from M5Stack and used it for development, which helped me a lot, but I needed the space that this module occupies for the module with the encoder.

So I decided to order a small NFC MFRC522 module from RobotDyn and get it in the box under the display. I noticed that there was some space under the M5Stack FACES motherboard, so I tried. You can watch the result in the following video.

More about development this product is here:

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